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That is why we leave Sapna with you. Sapna with you. En el futuro si Sadhna no hace a Preeti y Sapna In the future if Sadhna doesn't make Preeti and Sapna I'll eat my words. And Sapna isn't taking part in her college cultural program. Sapna isn't taking part in her college cultural program.

Time just flew by laughing with Sapna.

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Sapna was a dream in Badshah's life. Sapna , once again Sapna , ahora tomaremos suero. Sapna , we'll have buttermilk now. La Sra. Sapna was so happy with me.

Una autobiografía

Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. During this project you spent many hours with the Spanish gymnasts who won silver in Rio. What are they like when you are dealing with them personally? Very approachable. Just before this, I had filmed a project called Six dreams with elite footballers and, of course, that is a different universe.

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They live in a kind of bubble, not like these girls, who live a regular life, travel by public transport. They are very normal people. Torn carpets, concrete floors What was the reaction of the Spanish gymnasts when they saw the conditions their counterparts train in? At the beginning they were startled because they are used to a padded floor and the Indian girls train on a torn carpet on concrete floor.

But when they started to take out the gifts that they had brought from Spain — toe caps, balls and clubs — the sadness turned to emotion on seeing the faces of the girls. You left Spain with a script.

La búsqueda de un sueño (A Dream Called Home Spanish edition)

Did it change much during your stay in Pune when you saw the closeness between the gymnasts? I was aware that we had thrown some good ingredients into the pot and we knew that things could happen but we didn't know what, specifically. It was risky because we had five days and we didn't know whether there was going to be any chemistry between the girls. It is also true that if you know how to keep quiet, to observe and point the camera at life, things happen.

Rhythmic gymnastics is one of the most demanding sports there is. Both the Spanish and Indian gymnasts, therefore, share the fact that they make sacrifices. Was that the key factor in the closeness that we talked about before? Yes, it is true that they are both used to making great sacrifices. Footballers, for example, train for an hour and a half a day, but gymnasts train for seven and they go to school or university as well.

Even among them there was a great difference in terms of opportunities. For girls from India to get to the Olympic Games with the resources that they have is impossible, and that is the lesson: Indian gymnasts may dream of an Olympic medal but they know they are not going to get one. The experience was very intense and a friendship grew between the gymnasts. Do you know if they stayed in contact? Yes, we have a WhatsApp group where we write to each other a lot. A short time ago it was the trainer Savita's birthday and I sent her the documentary with subtitles in English. They loved it!

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Speaking of Savita, when you see the documentary, she is the one who most captures your attention. Los rayos de luz se filtraban entre las varas de carrizo. Quise decirle que Dios estaba dando casi nada. Era un camino peligroso, en especial para las muchachas.


No se quiso inscribir y ni modo de obligarla. Se va con sus amigos, a veces sin avisarme —dijo, tomando asiento al otro lado de la mesa—. Yo ya no quiero tener esa responsabilidad. Si termina embarazada, o algo peor, no quiero que sea bajo mi cuidado.

Professor, Spanish

Tal vez a ti te haga caso. Por eso no me importaba lo que dijera la gente de Betty, yo no iba a juzgarla. Era mi Betty. Pero en cuanto Mago, Carlos y yo nos fuimos con nuestro padre a los Estados Unidos, obligados a dejar a mi hermana, nos volvimos a distanciar de ella.

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Intentamos que se quedara algunos fines de semana en casa de nuestro padre, pero las visitas eran breves y pocos frecuentes. La distancia y el rencor de nuestros padres fue lo que la mantuvo al margen de nuestra hermandad. De ellos. Rey, nuestro padrastro, era lo contrario de ella. Sin pensarlo dos veces, golpeaba y le gritaba a Betty, y no necesitaba permiso de mi madre para actuar y hacerle ver su disgusto.

Si ya pagamos un precio muy alto por tener esta oportunidad, lo mejor que podemos hacer es aprovecharla.