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  1. Monsters Vs Aliens - Movie Storybook, , Used; Good Book
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Monger, the hidden crew of monsters should fight against the alien attack, and hopefully save the world from imminent destruction! The computer-animated film, Monsters Vs. Aliens is produced by Dream Works and distributed by Paramount films.

Monsters Vs Aliens - Movie Storybook, , Used; Good Book

A costume of one of the crazy monster characters from the film can be used to fight off an alien attack and save the world! Exact Match Search? All Dr. No Minimum!

Everything Wrong With Monsters vs. Aliens

Going back even further in your career, though, I'm trying to work out who gave you your break. Was it Stephen Hopkins, or John Singleton? My first real job storyboarding a movie was on a movie that never got made.

And it was a really good movie. It made a lot of money. The way he financed it, it was something to do with the stock market. So he'd made a ton of money on it, and he wanted to do a movie about Michaelangelo carving the statue of David. So he wrote the script, and we spent months and months storyboarding the entire thing, myself, him and Russell Carpenter, who went on to shoot Titanic. We got to go to Italy and all this stuff. But that was my first real movie storyboarding job.

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Before that I'd signed on to this agency doing commercials, because I knew they were going to start repping people for movies. Before that, I was just working bookstore jobs, and I didn't know anything about the movie business. I didn't know there was a way I could be in the movie business until I met a couple of people on the fringes of the industry. I was just like the hick from Farmville, even though I'd grown up in LA.

This was before Spike Lee and John Singleton pretty much, and the idea that I could work in the business seemed a completely foreign thing. Yeah, it was a tough one. I shot all the stuff of the mail truck going up the California coast, all that stuff.

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I had done storyboards on Independence Day , and based on that, Roland Emmerich asked me to do some second unit stuff in New York. I thought great, I'll do that. Because things were picking up. I'd gone into storyboarding with the idea of being a director. That was my goal. I didn't have enough money to make my own film The whole thing of me ending up in animation was a little bit of a fluke. I was going to be Kurosawa, or Orson Welles.

It's just taking a little longer than I thought [laughs]. I got the job to do storyboards on Tank Girl, so I went for the second unit job on that, and it was a slightly bigger job. It was a big second unit on Tank Girl. Aron Warner, the guy who produced that movie, went on to produce the Shrek movies for DreamWorks. So a few years later he gave me a call and asked if I was interested in coming and checking out animation. I think I turned it down on Shrek 1 , I was yeah, animation, shnanimation. But by the time the third one came around, I was kind of burned out doing boards on live action, and I was ready for a change.

I checked out DreamWorks, loved it, it's a great place to work. And they were really interested in me as a director, because Aron really pitched me to them that way. Because I'd done second unit stuff. And they're really keen on getting a little more of a live action feel, because 3D CG features are live action staging and composition. Yeah, I guess you could say that. I was story artist on Shrek The Third, and making a transition from live action storyboarding to animation storyboarding: two very different crafts.

And it was all designed around learning the way the studio worked, the pipeline, the production structure. Coming off of the short film, I was originally involved with developing the story for Puss In Boots , and I was supposed to go back and do more work on that. But they already had that well in hand. So I was flipping free for just a little bit, and the opportunity for Guardians came up.

I was kind of shocked, but they liked what I'd done. My eight-year-old tells me I have to ask you the question that everyone asks you, because he wants more. I'll go a little bit further, though. Are you going to do Guardians 3? Because from where you sit, this is the first film you've directed, and this is the crossroads now.

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You can get locked into Guardians films for ten years So this could be yours for a decade, or there must be more projects in your head that you want to do. Yeah, yeah. It's interesting. There are two things. I've fallen in love with the characters, I really had a great time.


Monsters-Vs-Aliens Books South Africa | Buy Monsters-Vs-Aliens Books Online | WantItAll

That and working with the people I worked with. It's been an incredible experience. Also, I had underestimated how big a part just experience can play.

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Monsters vs Aliens Movie Storybook - By Monsters vs Aliens

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