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  3. Download PDF Memoria dels Pirineus (Catalan Edition)
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Nevertheless, even if historiography 5 has taken this period increasingly more into consideration as subject of study, the question we need to ask, even if there is no easy answer, is: How can a historical event, as extraordinary as the Republican exile, have been overlooked in most memorial narratives during the period between the transition to democracy and today? Also, most of the nearly , people — of whom probably one quarter originally came from Catalonia — who remained in exile for a long period, chose to start a new personal and professional life.

Sagrera railway station - Wikipedia

The consolidation and international acceptance of the Francoist regime did not inspire optimism, nor did they promote the option of returning. Moreover, also the generation issue played an important role. Even if the role of the anti-Francoist militants who had stayed behind, forged in the struggles in factories and universities, would become increasingly more important, they found themselves at great distance from their political leaders in exile. They no longer spoke the same political language. During the final stage of the dictatorship and the subsequent transition, even if exile remained a reference and a key point for logistic support, the reins of political change were in the hands of the main emerging groups of internal opposition, as well as those of the reformers inside the Francoist movement, who ended up joining the pact.

Exile, associated with the disruptive and traumatic memories of the war, became the subject of a weak and short-lived vindication during the derogation of Francoism. The eighties were not a good period to state a historical claim in favour of the values embodied by exile. At present, after the wave of memorials that started at the turn of the century, the recollection of exile has gained weight in the public discussion in our country.

The changing political circumstances and conveniences could not erase the fact that exile had allowed to maintain the democratic legitimacy of the republican institutions. In the case of Catalonia, this has been quite obvious through the recovery of the Generalitat Catalan regional government after it institutionally survived the exile period. As such, the implementation of collective memory policies has made it possible to value the period of exile. Phytocoenologia 2: — Colloques Phytosociologiques 9: — Dimopoulos, P.

An ecological approach]. Laboratorium voor Plantensystematiek en -geografie, landbouwhogeschool Wageningen, NL. Douda, J.

Download PDF Memoria dels Pirineus (Catalan Edition)

Formalized vegetation classification of alder carr and floodplain forests in the Czech Republic. Preslia — Vegetation classification and biogeography of European floodplain forests and alder carrs. Beitrag zur systematische Stellung der Auengesellschaften. Phytogeography of Northern Sporades].

Die Pflanzengesellschaften der Umgebung von Graz. Eggler, J. Ellenberg, H. Waldgesellschaften und Waldstandorte der Schweiz. Em, H. Za zajednicite na evlata Alnus glutinosa Geartn. In: Grin, E.

Download PDF Memoria dels Pirineus (Catalan Edition)

Nature, environment, conservation and health], pp. Studio di fitosociologia ecartografico. Fitosociologia 43 1 , Suppl. Vergari, S.

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Vegetation of the Verdiana River valley in the northern Apennines, Italy. Foggi, B. La vegetazione forestale del Bacino del Fiume Cecina Toscana centro-occidentale.

Wonder (Catalan-language Edition)

Parlatorea 4: 39— Ketres, Barcelona, ES. Phytosociological approach to the forest vegetation of mount Verno West Macedonia, Greece. Botanika Chronika — Franz, R.

Carinthia II 98 : — Franz, W. Fukarek, P. Junk, Den Haag, NL. Posebna izdanja, Akademije nauka i umjetnosti Bosne i Hercegovine — Das Pruno-Fraxinetum Oberdorfer in Nordwestkroatien. Grabherr, G. Lebensraum Vorarlberg 3: 9— Gradstein, S. The hydrophilous vegetation of western Crete. Vegetatio 65— Gruber, M. Vegetatio 1— Universidad de Granada, Granada, ES. Guineana 1— Ukrainskyi Botanicheskyi Zhurnal — Hartmann, F.

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    Maquis, el legado de la guerrilla

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    Ruta del Ferro Andorra (Llorts-La Cortinada)

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