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I had always looked forward for opportunities to apply this knowledge to solve real problems facing our society. I got myself tutored online with resources and practical lessons. I googled, binged and asked the internet on programming, design and software tutorials.

I started freelancing for some jobs and got some quick placements at some foundation, agencies and brands. I was recently selected by Google to train at their Digital Business Manager Program and also now a partner at Microsoft.

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This experience for me has been inclusive and high growth stunner. I want to solve the real problems faced by the African community especially women and youth related with simple digital solutions. I recently launched a project with my team in Nigeria, Tech4Her. We are driven to expand economic opportunities for girls and women by equipping them with ICT, Tools and expertise.

Women will be able to apply these technology tools to solve real problems they face such as education, violence, insecurity, funds etc. We will be installing Digital labs with computers, internet and learning packages and facilitating Digital literacy classes in Secondary schools, Institutions and Communities.

Kenya: FilmAfrica! - DW Akademie and Tom Tykwer Launch Film Project

More on www. Lagos, Nigeria elizabeth. And was nominated as a delegate at the Nigerian Centennial celebration, UK. I trace my interest in technology to a childhood passion.

My passion came from a place of insight and simplicity. I used to scoff and cringe during my High School years on hearing that there are not enough women in technology. Much in my current life has been shaped by my younger years; a gradually developed interest that has in a long run influenced me in a good way.

Any good German movies with Eng subtitles?

Alongside being a technology enthusiast, I am a writer. I am doing lots of poetry to be a better engineer one time. I find writing and programming similar in the sense that they both involve lone time trying to create something interesting. Their brevity and hidden meaning and all make me know myself better. That inward energy gives me a great feeling of accomplishment.

I derive most of my energy from being surrounded by people. Hunger and desperation are omnipresent in bombed-out Frankfurt, and this Jewish family—especially Regina, who misses Africa the most—has a hard time adjusting to their new circumstances. Yet slowly the family adapts to their new home amidst the ruins. In Frankfurt, Regina matures into a woman and, though her parents want her to marry an upstanding Jewish man, her love life progresses in its own idiosyncratic fashion.

She develops a passion for art and journalism and begins her professional career at a Frankfurt newspaper.

The Lola Hotel, Istanbul, Turkey -

Walter at last finds professional success as a lawyer, but never quite adjusts to life in Frankfurt, recalling with nostalgia his childhood in Upper Silesia and his years in Africa. Only his son Max truly finds what Walter had hoped for: a new homeland in Germany. Any good German movies with Eng subtitles?

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July 11, Thanks everyone for your recommendations! I'll definitely check them out! You are welcome!

20 Movies You Have To Watch If You Are Learning German

Good luck, with learning German! July 12, Das Boot. July 14, Lorel90 I would advise watching german movies with subtitles for the deaf German subtitles. I'm croatian. July 13, Dkenneth 5.