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Il faut amadouer la poule pour avoir les poussins. To get the chicks one must coax the hen. Pills must be swallowed without chewing. Il faut bien laisser le jeu quand il est beau.

It is well to leave off playing when the game is at its best. Il faut casser la noix pour manger le noyau. He that would eat the kernel must crack the nut. What you are doing do thoroughly. Age quod agis. Scratch people where they itch. Il faut laver son linge sale en famille. Foul linen should be washed at home. Il faut louer la mer et se tenir en terre.

Praise the sea, and keep on land. One must pass through the door or the window. One must lose a minnow to catch a salmon.

Il faut placer le clocher au milieu du village. Put the belfry in the middle of the village. The benefice must be taken with its liabilities. A door must either be open or shut. Il faut reculer pour mieux sauter. One must step back to make the better leap. Beware of a reconciled enemy. Take heed of an enemy reconciled. Give out that you have many friends, and believe that you have but few.

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Il faut tourner sept fois sa langue dans sa bouche avant de parler. Turn your tongue seven times before speaking. One must needs like what one cannot hinder. He forgot nothing except to say farewell. Never challenge a fool to do wrong. It will not do to keep holidays before they come.

Il ne faut pas dire: Fontaine, je ne boirai pas de ton eau. Never say, Fountain, I will not drink of thy water. Il ne faut pas faire passer tous les chats pour des sorciers. All cats are not to be set down for witches. Il ne faut pas jeter des pierres dans le jardin de ton voisin. Il ne faut pas laisser de semer pour crainte des pigeons. Do not abstain from sowing for fear of the pigeons. Asses must not be tied up with horses. Never put your finger between the tree and the bark.

Il ne faut pas parler latin devant les cordeliers. Never sell the bearskin till you have killed the bear. Never speak of a rope in the house of one who was hanged. Do not strip before bedtime. To grow rich one has only to turn his back on God. One scabby sheep is enough to spoil the whole flock.

He will not lose his oats for want of braying. Il ne se garde pas bien qui ne se garde toujours. He does not guard himself well who is not always on his guard. There is no hunting but with old hounds. There is no pride like that of a beggar grown rich. He is not escaped who drags his chain. He is not so much of a devil as he is black. There is no worse water than that which sleeps. Never seemed a prison fair or mistress foul.

There is nothing so well done but may be mended. The only way to keep a secret is to say nothing. The best driver will sometimes upset. There is no spite like that of a proud beggar. There is no chapel so small but has its saint. There never was a banquet so sumptuous but some one dined ill at it. Be a horse ever so well shod, he may slip. It is a good horse that never stumbles. None so busy as those who do nothing. There never was a looking-glass that told a woman she was ugly. There are no foolish trades, there are only foolish people. No man is a hero in the eyes of his valet.

There is no such thing as an insignificant enemy. It is only the first bottle that is dear. The first step is all the difficulty. It is only good bargains that ruin. All is luck or ill luck in this world. Nothing is done while something remains undone. The best company must part, as King Dagobert said to his hounds.

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No day so long but has its evening. There is no pot so bad but finds its cover. There is no bush so small but casts its shadow.

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Lion-skins were never had cheap. Il porte le deuil de sa blanchisseuse. He wears the mourning of his washerwoman. He is like a singed cat, better than he looks. He ruins himself in promises, and clears himself by giving nothing. Il tombe sur le dos et se casse le nez. He falls on his back and breaks his nose. It is better to have to do with God than with his saints.

Better be mad with all the world than wise alone. It is better to be the hammer than the anvil. Better to stumble once than be always tottering. There are calumnies against which even innocence loses courage. Il y a plus de fols acheteurs que de fols vendeurs. There are more foolish buyers than foolish sellers. There is a remedy for everything but death. Rather a single grape for me than a brace of figs for thee.