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  2. Kalopsia: The delusion of things being more beautiful than they are.
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Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Mar 15, Jess rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in This dealt with many cliches, but the language was so vivid and descriptive which made me want to keep reading. However, it was a little annoying when the poems changed font a couple times when I flipped the pages and then went back to normal a few pages later. Plus, the lack of titles for each poem made it hard to distinguish whether the poem was still continuing or it started a new one.

Nov 27, Alyssa rated it liked it Shelves: poetry-books , 3-stars. Actual Rating: 3. There were some poems that mesmerized me but there were also quite a few ones that made me say, "MEH.

Kalopsia Slab (FREE Type Face)

It was really confusing to read because I don't know if the next page is a continuation to the one before it or not. Sep 11, Shealea rated it liked it Shelves: poetry. In my opinion, the verses lacked a cohesive flow and sometimes began to appear as randomly chopped up, fragmented sentences instead of coming together into something more lyrical and better structured. I think that technicality-wise, there is certainly a lot of room for improvement and further editing. Most of these passages appeared in the poems that highlighted the journey towards self-actualization. Some of my favorite lines include "It is in that moment where hope is conceived, created instantly as the unrestrained mind makes love to the sensible heart.

It is in that moment where I live. Maybe the world is just fine. I thought them to be very fitting and timely for the intended audience, which is the youth.

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In summary, although I struggled with the structural forms of the poems and at times the writing style itself, I still enjoyed reading the collection. In fact, I ended up bookmarking fifteen poems from this collection! Feb 09, Amy rated it really liked it. I am not much on poetry, but this collection is good.

It's mostly non-rhyming, and not really rhythmic, either. So it almost reads more like prose. Little, bite-sized pieces of life and love and what it means to be human. Some of the themes may feel a little trite or cliche, but still worth another take on them. Like some others have said, I would have appreciated titles.

Kalopsia: The delusion of things being more beautiful than they are.

Some of the longer poems take up a full page and it's not immediately clear if the next page is a continuation or a new poem. Some of my highlights: "A heart like honey, you pollinated the earth with kind words, and when you laughed, it was like watching a flower bloom. When asked, others may say different things but what I remember is that you were a garden of color entirely sweet and lovely and when you left, you uprooted from me the flowers for which i had a reason to shine.

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Feb 26, Nory M. It engages the reader on the poetic's voice personal journey. It could be used as an introductory text. May be a great text to present poetry to a young audience.

Kalopsia from Nostrasound Music on Beatport

Probably some poems could be used in a class to complement another reading, such as a short story. Jun 04, Marren rated it it was amazing Shelves: poetry-plays-short-stories. So soul searching and connecting! Dec 18, Mish rated it liked it Shelves: I like this poetry book though Note: I got this for free on Amazon. Aug 14, Bobbieshiann rated it it was ok Shelves: poetry.

Jan 15, Delaney Isaacs rated it it was amazing Shelves: I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I kept stopping to share parts of it with friends. Dec 23, Jeremy Mifsud rated it it was amazing Shelves: poetry , favourites. This has been one of my favourite reads this whole year! It was very pleasant to read. Some poems ever inspired me to write poems of my own, which can say how thought-provoking this book can be. Jun 26, Louisse rated it it was ok.

Song Discussion Thread - Song 16 - Kalopsia

If I was in grade 4 killing time while reading this, I definitely would have appreciated this 'poetry' book. But I was dragging myself through the pages, cringing at how sappy the words were strung. Feb 07, Madison Rene' rated it it was amazing. I loved the imagery in this and the way each page tore at my soul a little more with gentle hands of beauty and wonder. I am in complete awe from this read.

concomexinu.gq Aug 10, Ashley rated it liked it. This book had some poetry that completely blew me away and that I felt greatly moved by, but others that felt very unpolished.

Queens of the Stone Age - Kalopsia [Acoustic] (WDR 1Live 2017)

Overall, it is definitely worth the read, and the tone has a lovely feel throughout the whole book, but it would have been nice to see a couple poems out of the many beautiful ones! For the price it is definitely worth reading and recommending to others. Apr 13, Elizabeth Houseman rated it really liked it Shelves: poetry.

If you're into love poems and fiery passion, this book might be for you. And in our pile of ash we scoff at all the burning bodies, as if our flame is less destructive than I loved it! And in our pile of ash we scoff at all the burning bodies, as if our flame is less destructive than theirs. Kindle Locations Kindle Edition. It looks wonderful on my kindle, phone and on my computer. It was an absolute pleasure to read. Feb 08, sakimichi rated it did not like it.

I feel really bad saying this but I really felt there weren't a lot of good poems in this. Actually, most felt repetitive, in the messages they try to convey, and the images used. It goes on and on. Frankly, it bored me. I think I initially had high hopes but they really fell when I read this and then skimmed by the later half, because, duh: repetitive.

Jun 04, Krista MoonDustBookLust rated it liked it Shelves: i-own , read-in-mys , ebooks , read-in , poetry. In the beginning, I really liked this collection.

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  • It read beautifully and I related to it well. As I got further in, it started losing its luster for me.


    Over all the flow from one poem to the next is nice. I recommend it to poetry lovers. Jan 04, Sally rated it liked it Shelves: poetry. Nice and simple poetry that is aimed towards jr.