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Her lips are like carnations, red, Her face like new-born lilies, fair, Her eyes like ocean waters, blue, She moves with subtle grace and air, And all about her head there floats The golden glory of her hair. But though she always thus appears In form of youth and mood of mirth, Unnumbered centuries are hers, The infant planets saw her birth; The child of throbbing Life is she, Twin sister to the greedy earth. And back behind those smiling lips, And down within those laughing eyes, And underneath the soft caress Of hand and voice and purring sighs, The shadow of the panther lurks, The spirit of the vampire lies.

For I have seen the great white witch, And she has led me to her lair, And I have kissed her red, red lips And cruel face so white and fair; Around me she has twined her arms, And bound me with her yellow hair. I felt those red lips burn and sear My body like a living coal; Obeyed the power of those eyes As the needle trembles to the pole; And did not care although I felt The strength go ebbing from my soul. She feels the old Antaean strength In you, the great dynamic beat Of primal passions, and she sees In you the last besieged retreat Of love relentless, lusty, fierce, Love pain-ecstatic, cruel-sweet.

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O, brothers mine, take care! O, younger brothers mine, beware! Look not upon her beauty bright; For in her glance there is a snare, And in her smile there is a blight. Mother Night Eternities before the first-born day, Or ere the first sun fledged his wings of flame, Calm Night, the everlasting and the same, A brooding mother over chaos lay.

Search results for 'days of glory'

And whirling suns shall blaze and then decay, Shall run their fiery courses and then claim The haven of the darkness whence they came; Back to Nirvanic peace shall grope their way. So when my feeble sun of life burns out, And sounded is the hour for my long sleep, I shall, full weary of the feverish light, Welcome the darkness without fear or doubt, And heavy-lidded, I shall softly creep Into the quiet bosom of the Night.

I Know My Soul I plucked my soul out of its secret place, And held it to the mirror of my eye, To see it like a star against the sky, A twitching body quivering in space, A spark of passion shining on my face. Claude McKay Academy of American Poets Educator Newsletter. Teach This Poem. Follow Us. Find Poets. Read Stanza.

Glory to God: the Presbyterian Hymnal That Easter day with joy was bright | merephealthpori.gq

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http://lastsurestart.co.uk/libraries/number/3769-location-viber.php Scootering with her family in Moscow's Victory Park, sales analyst Natalia Matukhina says Victory Day should be seen as a bright day with bright memories. Ahead of Victory Day, Russian authorities issued more than two million commemorative medals to veterans and their surviving relatives.

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But critics note while medals are aplenty, too many veterans lack financial support and good living conditions. How does one live on such [little] money?


President Petro Poroshenko signed into law a new holiday on May 8, when the West marks Victory in Europe Day, to be a day of remembrance and reconciliation. More controversially, Ukraine's parliament proposed a package of laws against both Nazi and Soviet symbols and giving legal recognition and support to Ukrainian independence fighters who fought against the Red Army. Open main navigation Live TV.

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